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Best flats (IMO)

I used to be a strictly heels girl. 3” stilettos were no big deal for me. In fact, I felt weird not wearing them. Then, I started working in an office where I was on my feet more often and not even wedges would cut it. Then, I moved to Chicago and worked in an office where I wore scrubs, so heels would have looked ridiculous.

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I got your trophy right here

So. I don't know if it's because I got added to a couple of those Facebook shopping groups, or because I peruse my Instagram "popular" feed quite a bit - but I've been seeing these "Trophy Wife" tanks/tees everywhere

And my initial reaction to it was *eyeroll*, whateverrrr, dude. But, the more I think about it, I really detest them. I'll tell you why.

First, you need to know that I'm not a super-duper feminist. I mean, not in the sense of, "I hate men! Don't oppress me! Cook your own dinner!" but, I also think the term "Trophy Wife" is super-duper demeaning because I think women are assets, equals - and not possessions. Beyoncé t-shirt break: WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS. And, yes - I realize that perhaps I'm taking these trophy wife tanks a little too seriously, but I see women in these tanks with their dolled-up hair, curled-up false eyelashes and full face of makeup, and I groan and cringe. They're taking this tank top title seriously. (SN: I think the only time these TW tanks would 'work', is if the woman wearing it was all anti-trophy-wife looking - comfy in her sweats with a messy top-bun and zero makeup - holding a toilet brush - because that would at least be funny and more realistic)

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What California has taught me (so far)

To chill out. In every aspect of life, really. I have learned to speak more slowly, not fuss about small things, and not try to multitask with everything

Not to worry about trying to fit a week's worth of outdoor activities in a day just because it's 80 degrees and sunny. Because, every day is pretty much like that, so it's okay if the day mostly consists of a late waking up, brunch, and then watching movies in pajamas and three iced coffees in a row, followed by an hour at the pool. In fact, that is more than okay.

That my hair doesn't always have to be perfect. I live by the beach, after all. Especially since I'm growing it long again, I like letting it just be wavy.

I also wear zero foundation/cover up on my skin, instead dusting a little bronzer on my cheeks. I also wear SPF every single day. Because, even in the car, the sun is shining on me. 

That Jack Johnson's music finally makes sense, now.

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