Too old for a romper?



I perused the junior department's clearance section of Marshalls recently. I normally frown upon this, but now living in Southern California, I was in need of a couple tanks and tees and maybe a casual maxi dress - and those are always less expensive in the junior department (and cooler, too - not like, Liz Claiborne or Nautica). So, I whipped past the barely-there lacy tanks and ripped Billabong sweatshirts, to find maxi dresses and rompers galore!

I picked out a navy blue maxi for $15 and came across a romper that wasn't denim or skankalicious with cutouts like the others. The pattern, I think, is kind of wild - and so I immediately came to the conclusion I wouldn't wear it out in public. So, for $13, I decided it was a cute 'round the house/going for a walk addition.

I'm wearing it right now. Mostly because I'm waiting for our sofa to arrive in the 4-hour block of time they gave us, so I know I'm not going anywhere. And, I have to say - it's quite comfortable. I can see why toddlers and teenage girls with zero leg shape wear these thangs all over the place. And, I do see some grown women rocking 'better' versions, too - even with heels! Imagine that. They're all dolled up for date night in a romper. And, some women pull it off. Some don't. But that's how trends work, you know?

I'm just not sure I could go beyond the pool in this one while keeping a straight face.

Do you...romp?