Where do you buy your jewelry?



I have a few pieces of jewelry that I wear pretty regularly. Of course my wedding rings, as well as a David Yurman bracelet that my mom gave me - and simple ball stud earrings are my go-to. 

As I was packing up my jewelry for the move, I noticed that most of it is "costume jewelry." I have a handful of pieces that are probably considered "fine jewelry" - but I enjoy TJ Maxx's jewelry counter much more than I do dropping hundos in...wherever people buy fine jewelry. Macy's? Nordstrom? Zales? 

(SN: What exactly is considered 'fine jewelry'? If it's gold-dipped/filled, is it fine jewelry?)

I'm really into those bar necklaces, now - and delicate pieces, instead of the ol' chunky jeweled stuff I'd been into like...2 weeks ago. I'm obsessed with Dogeared jewelry and James Michelle. AND - my favorite thing about these two designers is that they don't cost an outrageous amount of money. We're talking like $60 - $100. If you want solid gold, however - you can spend $500 for something similar...by the wife of Toby Maguire, Jennifer Meyer, BTW. Personally, I think that's a bit high, but the option is there.

The more I perused these sites, though - the more I wondered where people buy their jewelry. Do you do jewelry parties? Do you walk into mall jewelry stores and shop? Do you shop online - and if so, where? Blue Nile?  


Like I need more places to shop.