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The *one* mom thing I'd hate to be without

...besides Owen. Obviously.

The BEABA (pronounced Bee-ah-bah) Babycook is LIFE. It's literally the single most amazing invention I've ever heard of. If someone walked up to me on the street and asked, "What is the most amazing invention that comes to mind right this second" I would say "BEABA BEABA BEABA!" without even thinking.

What is it?

Well, I'll tell you. It's a lifesaver. This machine not only steams food like veggies, fruits and even then purees it. You do it ALL in ONE MACHINE. And, it's so easy for cleanup, too. There's even a little spatula hidden in the back of the machine that you can use to push down food while pureeing, and it doubles as a tool to lift up the steamer basket when the steaming process is done. Mind.Blown.

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Toilet talk

When you're expecting and have to go - a lot - you really don't have much of a choice if you're out in public. I've never been one to really seek out a public restroom, but I'm not opposed/afraid/grossed out by them, either. If you've ever been to a beach or lake, you know their restrooms are sandy, salty, stinky and hot. But, when ya gotta go...ya just go and get out.

However, being pregnant has afforded me the opportunity to explore more PRs than ever before, and I've been having the BEST time with it (sarcasm). I'm like Brooke Burke when she was hosting Wild On!...minus the ridiculous bikini bod. And, I have to say - there have been some major surprises in my lavatory adventures...

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