Overheard in The OC

I shared a couple of these via social media, so forgive me if you've already seen them...they were just too hilarious to wait to share.

“Starfish aren’t fish. Like, Starfish Tuna is *not* a good brand name.” “It’s StarKIST Tuna.” “No. That’s the fruit candy.” - Two bros playing bocce on the beach.

"I can't BELIEVE you've never been to the Hollywood Bowl! Astonishing fact to me! Simply." - A woman in San Clemente.

“Hey there! How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you around Facebook lately.” - Woman decked out in Lilly Pulitzer in supermarket.

"Ohhh, it gets really cool around October and November. It can get down to sixty-five!" - My neighbor, a SoCal native.

Not overheard. SEEN: Here's a photo ---> of a woman letting her small dog swim in our pool, which is most certainly not a dog pool and has multiple "No Dogs Allowed" signs around the perimeter. She saw her photo being taken and said, "Uh oh - we'd better gooooo,  before we get in trouuuuble..." Yep.

"What makes it velvet flavored?" - A teenage girl to her mother, re: cake mix boxes.

"Do you want to wear the watermelon on your head?" - A goofy dad on the beach, to my husband, as he took the watermelon off his son's head and walked by us to throw it out. Seriously. My husband said, "no." Bummer.

"When in doubt, rip it out." - A woman answering her friend's question of whether a hair on her upper lip is "blonde" or "dark."

Happy Monday! Stop looking at your upper lip, now. It's fine.