My new project!

Whoops. I totally forgot I had this blog for a minute.

Or 4 months. Whichever. Hey - life, ya know? I have no excuses, so let's move on. Lemme tell you about my next little side project because I'm so excited and I better tell you now before I take a break from that, too.

Even Moxie used it to update her FB status

Even Moxie used it to update her FB status

I am not a crafty person. I can barely draw a good stick figure, and usually it takes me two or three tries to be satisfied with it. Using scissors, I cannot cut in a straight line to save my life since I am a lefty but ironically cannot use left-handed scissors. I'd LOVE to do one of those 'paint and sip' events that everyone seems to have SO much fun at, and produce really cute paintings - but I would be soooo stressed out about my lack of skills the entire time because there is no way to erase paint from a canvas and start over (is there?). So, it's so weird that most recently, I have a new-found passion for painting furniture.


I had this little desk that I used to blog blog blog away on back in "the day" - and it was red and ornate and very just...ugly, to me now. Tastes change. And, on my search to find something to fit this one space in our townhome, I came across bookshelves, and planters and other assorted decor - but, nothing really did it for me. So, I decided to just breathe new life into what I already had, and picked a color and went to town on that little desk.

Now, I am obsessed. There is something so rewarding and cathartic to watch something old become something new. I immediately thought, I wanna do it more.



Then, this past weekend, while out to an antique mall in our area, I noticed that it seemed pieces that were repainted and given a new life with a coat of paint had a higher price tag than those that were left in their natural state. Which, didn't really make that much sense to me but OK, I get it. So, I think I'm going to take on a little side project and buy tables, benches, trunks, whatever - and flip them. Because, honestly - I would rather someone buy something I put some time and thought and love into, rather than shell out $200 at Target or IKEA for some particleboard bullsh**. 

So, while this won't be, like, a full-time job or anything, I'm pretty excited to just see where my longtime love of garage sales and new-found love of painting winds up.

I'll see you soon, OK? Not in 4 months, I swear.