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The very second I knew

It was a great day. Nothing and no one could bring me down - not even the work-related problems I encountered that day. Even little things I would normally find annoying were just sliding off my back without a second thought. And, I had absolutely no idea why.

I packed up my bag, cleared my desk, emptied my inbox and powered my computer down. Walking out to my car, I hummed Adele's song "Sweetest Devotion" from her newest album and thought about what we'd have for dinner when I got home.

My humming turned into singing as the CD coincidentally hit the same song I came to label as my favorite, which opened up with Adele's son saying something about 'wanting friendship' and her singing about her love for him.

I stopped at the same red light I usually did in Orange County rush hour traffic, singing I'll forever be whatever you want me to be. I'll go under, and all over, for your clarity... and I choked up inexplicably, with tears trickling down my cheeks. The light turned green and...

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Life's little (big) tests

I think there are milestones in life that test you, and your relationships with people. And, these milestone "tests" happen naturally - so naturally, that you might not even realize they're happening, or that they've already happened because you've been busy with...well, life.

Sure, you meet new people throughout the years - coworkers become friends, you meet people here and there through shared interests - maybe even online, who knows? Chances are, new people come into your life...and sometimes people leave, for a multitude of reasons.

I've "lost" friendships when I've entered into relationships, and when those friends have entered into relationships. I've "lost" friendships - or should I say "friendships" - when I simply disagreed (even silently) with destructive life choices they were making. And, some friendships seemed to slowly disintegrate when I - or they - moved away. Physical distance can be tough unless your connection is strong. Sort of like a cell signal.

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How long do you playpen?

"Nail everything to the wall - every dresser, table and TV. Don't have glass or anything heavy for baby easily accessible. Child-proof all cabinets. Block off stairs and don't hang anything heavy over changing table or crib."

Thanks for the advice, stranger!

Most of this I already knew and figured it was common sense. Especially anchoring dressers and not hanging heavy wall decor over the crib or changing table, because we have earthquakes here. But, walking around my house and removing every.single.piece of anything out of potential reach seems like overkill. I'm bringing home a baby, not a wild animal. I intend on teaching him "no - you can't touch that and this is why" instead of letting him run the house and then he has zero idea how to act anywhere else.

"Playpens are a Godsend", Stranger then added. "Just put the baby in it and you're good for hours!"

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In other news...parenting is hard

About a month ago, we moved to a new area of the OC. It's a much more family-friendly area. We would always see people our age out and about, with little ones, which we were really enticed by, since we had been living in "Div-OC" (like divorcees living in OC and yes I just made that up this second) for two years and in desperate need of a change of scenery. Plus, we have our own babe on the way and needed central air conditioning.


Since I'm 35 weeks pregnant, walking our feisty, bossy and horrible-on-a-leash pup proves to be somewhat more of a challenge than normal, so my husband often does the honors of taking her to the park just next door for her afternoon/evening walk. Yesterday, he went solo, and came back telling me how he met a nice couple, around our age - mom, pushing a stroller and dad walking beside her, beer in hand. They met because my husband is friendly, but mostly because he's been super cute lately, beaming at everyone walking with a baby.

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