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Don't lie to me

It really shouldn't be called The Voice when 98% of the season is about changing the contestant's appearance in order to make them more marketable in the music industry. I missed a couple episodes this season and when I turned it on again, I had no idea who 4 of them were anymore. It should be called The Voice For Five Minutes and Then Can We Market Them Because That's More Important (and why today's music sucks so bad). That was actually the working title.

Don't tell me you never argue with your spouse. Like, never? Stop. Are you alive?

Sometimes, you crave McDonald's fries and maybe even a milkshake to dip them in. STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD YES YOU DO.

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I can't bite my tongue

The truth hurts. So, let's just rip the Band-Aid off.

Just because you see something on Facebook, doesn't mean you have to "like" it. Don't be a chronic liker. If you're signing on to Facebook every day, and just pressing 'like' on every new status on your newsfeed, you're so annoying. And probably over the age of 50.

If you flat-out refuse to move over a seat in a crowded movie theater after someone asks, you don't belong in public. I actually witnessed this last weekend. I was furious. People like that are a great reason why I often choose animals > humans.

Tomorrow is Halloween and I can't wait for it to be over. Chances are, I will snarl at/ignore all adult clowns I see. I hope that's not you. 

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What makes you an unfollower?

"Facebook makes me hate people."

I said that the other night, while having a glass of wine with friends. And, I meant 'dislike', because hate is a strong word. Mostly, it's because of the many, many animal abuse stories that makes me think that. But, aside from those types of stories, which I know need to be reported - and I support that - it's the ridiculous whining and complaining and airing of personal problems that really gets my goat. The over-sharing is rampant. 

I use Qwitter, which tells you when someone(s) unfollow you. And, whenever someone unfollows me, I wonder why. I usually chalk it up to not really being relevant to the Capital Region of New York anymore - and maybe the unfollower likes to keep things local. Still, I sometimes wonder, did I say something annoying? Did I overtweet? But, in the end, I don't really care because I have my own reasons for unfollowing/muting/defriending people on social media. 

I will say that I completely respect that people can put whatever they wish on their social media accounts. But, people also have the option to control what they see on theirs. So, here are more of my personal examples of how to get muted:

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My guiltiest pleasures

Here's all I have to say about my guilty pleasures: There is zero shame in my game.

I am a huge fan of crappy reality shows...or rather, "reality" shows. I love Real Housewives of Everywhere (especially Orange County, now - since that's where we're movin'). I find it hilarious that nearly all of the housewives are in their mid-to-late 40s and 50s, nip/tucked to high heavens, and they alllll talk about how confident they are - but then they get upset, fight and cry over the stupidest things, like "She's sitting in my seat!" Also - Vanderpump Rules is in this same category, except those peeps are in their 20s, work at a restaurant, sleep with each other, and thus - have a reason to cry all the time. I love it.

Tostitos Salsa Con Queso. This is seriously liquid crack. I don't look at the calories, fat, carbs - or serving size. Do not ever put a jar of this golden goodness in front of me, and expect me not to make a meal out of it. Stop making that face. It's so goooooooood. Try it, and hate me for your addiction later.

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