'Inactiv' customer service

I have a hard time with companies who don't offer even the basics in customer service. Like, tell me when I can expect my order. Simple, I think. And, while I'm not a customer service/business professional, I am a consumer, so I know what makes me happy/what I need from a business I'm giving money to.

So. Let me tell you about a horrific - and somewhat hilarious - example of the poorest customer service I've ever experienced. And, I normally don't like to call out companies/businesses by name, but in this case - it has been years of bad customer service. Get your coffee, I'll wait. OK, ready?

So, for the past 10+ years, I've been a devout Proactiv user. It always controlled my 'oily T-zone' like nothing else could. And, for a majority of those 10+ years, I was an automatic-shipment (and pay) customer. Over the years, I've had issues with lost shipments, late shipments, overcharges and long, long waits and conversations with their customer service department.

I cancelled my auto-ship when we were getting ready for our recent move (and I closed a bank account), with the plan of jumping back on once we were in/close to California. So, I ordered the Proactiv system on July 21. Fast-forward 9 days later, and I check my Proactiv account to track my shipment, and I see that the system I ordered is on backorder. I had no notification from Proactiv about this - until of course I took it upon myself to check. I'm all for being my own advocate, but where's the communication?

So, I then took to Facebook before calling the dreaded customer service number. I've always known their CS was awful (and side note - that they offer zero incentives/appreciation to their longtime customers - only new ones).

This is how that went:


You know what the most painful thing of all this is? Proactiv knows they don't need to have great customer service...because the customer needs them...in a way, even more. Proactiv is basically like the cable company for your face.

I bet Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Adam Levine's products are never on backorder.