Do you believe in ghosts?

I think a lot of 'ghostly experiences' can be explained logically - a shadow of a passing car, the house settling, pipes banging. But - there are other times I think you just know it's something...else.

I've had my own haunting experience - which I've detailed here. I will always remember that weekend, and no one could ever explain or talk me out of believing what happened. However, I also know people can be skeptical until they truly experience something for themselves.

I don't mind staying home alone from time to time - I chalk this up to being an only child - but I also have a wild (and slightly dramatic) imagination...also because of that. And - moving twice, to two different states, in the past year - has led to many, many, many new noises to get used to.

But, when my dog Moxie growls at (seemingly) nothing? In the middle of the day? Game changer.

This happened here in California, yesterday. I was just sitting here, typing away, and eating some Cheerios. Moxie was sitting in front of me, looking behind me with her head looking higher up...and she growled. My head whipped around, but of course - nothing was there. No shadows on the staircase, nothing down the hall into the bedroom - nothing. The whole room was bright - it was 10 a.m. - but I was still kind of freaked out. I turned my head back to Moxie. She put her head down and crawled into her carrier.


At this point, I had no doubt she saw something - or someone. But, I didn't feel anything ominous. So, I turned my head back to my laptop and kept working. A few seconds later, I felt a light breeze across the back of my neck. I stopped typing and froze. I had had the window and balcony door open all morning, but hadn't once felt a breeze hit me there.

I looked around the room again, and of course saw nothing. So, I felt like I had to say something.

I acknowledge you and your peacefulness. Thank you. No more scaring me, though - okay?

Silence. Of course. A second later, a big ocean breeze came through the windows, and it smelled soooo sweet. Coincidence? Maybe.

Right after it died down, Moxie came out of her carrier.

And that was that.